Green Is Our New Primary Color!

T&T Graphics is committed to conducting our business operations in an
environmentally responsible manner. We will pursue our goal to provide
a healthier environment for our Employees, Customers and
Community Stakeholders by:

  1. BulletPartnering with responsible Suppliers and Contractors who take
    a proactive approach to environmental management
    (e.g., FSC and FSI certified vendors)

  2. BulletProviding internal education about environmental issues

  3. BulletActively promoting recycling internally and with our customers
    and suppliers

  4. BulletIdentifying and using materials/processes which reduce the
    risk of pollution

  5. BulletMeeting or exceeding all environmental legislation and
    regulation that relates to our industry

  6. BulletUsing digital technologies (telephone, email, FTP) where possible in
    lieu of paper/print based communications

  7. BulletDiscarding only items that cannot be re-used, repaired or recycled

  8. BulletUsing non-toxic chemicals in the work space

  9. BulletUtilizing UV and water based inks for Screen, Digital and Flexographic printing

  10. BulletConserving energy by utilizing low energy lighting systems and turning off all
    non-essential equipment when not in use.

We value our environment and will continue to work together with our staff, suppliers, and customers to maintain sustainable management practices. Just as you expect excellence from T&T Graphics products and service, you can expect excellence as we implement new
ideas about responsible printing and manufacturing.



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