Flexographic printing employs web presses for high speed printing rolls of labels/decals in single-color or multi-colors. Labels may be delivered in rolls, fan-folded, sheeted or stacked. T&T Graphics, Inc. specializes in 4-color process work along with spot colors.

Capabilities Include:

  1. Bullet 10" Web Width

  2. Bullet 24" Repeat

  3. Bullet Computer Color Matching

  4. Bullet UL Approved Processes

  5. Bullet Six-Color Presses

  6. Bullet UV Ink Capabilities

  7. Bullet 3500+ dies available

  8. Bullet Automotive Under Hood

Pressure-Sensitive Materials
(Many UL Approved): 

  1. Bullet Paper

  2. Bullet Vinyl

  3. Bullet Polypropylene

  4. Bullet Foil

  5. Bullet IRC

  6. Bullet Mylar (Polyester)

  7. Bullet Synthetic Paper

  8. Bullet Aluminum

  9. Bullet Overlaminates

Graphic reproductions utilizing
                flexo technology
                 result in value added
                  labels or decals that
                   sell products.

Additional Specialties:

  1. Bullet Hot Stamping

  2. Bullet Embossing

  3. Bullet Bar Coding

  1. Bullet Perforating

  2. Bullet Back Slitting

  3. Bullet Serial Numbering

  1. BulletFulfillment